Hamish Roscoe - 1959 TR3a



Following a recommendation from the TR Register forum you totally refurbished my Gearbox and A type 22% overdrive. Upgrading the latter to a quicker overdrive “gear” change and more robust cone clutch to cope with sticky tyres I use in sprints and hill climbs. You also were brilliant in upgrading my clutch to that of the diaphragm type used in the later TRs.



After this work my 2019 season ended with a 2nd in class and 7th overall in the TR club sprint and hill climb championship, my best results in my 3 years of completion, up against some very hot TR4’s Tr6’s and TR7V8’s.

This autumn you have fitted a new FIA compliant plate type LSD and a 4.1:1 crown wheel and pinion so hopefully I can do better in 2020 with improved drive out of the corners.



I have also recommended you to friends whom are equally happy.

Thank you both for all your hard work, skills and experience that keeps my car on the road.

Hamish Roscoe